…getting to a deeper level of your soul…

Do you have a deep-seated desire? Something which is difficult and somewhat challenging to bring to the front of your life? Maybe you are still very much in the illusory aspect of life and have not gotten to your deeper layers yet. Maybe getting to your depth is something you yearn for… so, so deeply… and the time is right for you to realise this.

…I got to the deeper layers of my soul recently…

I had a mini ‘vision quest’ at the end of March, It was totally unexpected. I had taken off two weeks during Easter and I started my days (as I usually do) with a meditation. A vision quest in the traditional sense is when a person takes time off to search for a vision of their purpose of life. The meditations which I did during this time took me to a deeper level of healing and understanding of my soul – deeper than I have ever known my meditations to be. I started to receive messages from higher consciousness and some deep realisations started to come to the surface. They had been there at deeper levels of my soul and the time was right for them to surface.

…these deeper levels are what I wish for you…

Taking a retreat, sabbatical, or vision quest allows you to reach deeper and receive your insights. One major realisation during my time of deeper soul connection was my need to take time off classes and retreats in order to continue with my depth and to move deeper so I can move out farther. This means that the last retreat I am teaching at Florence House is the Summer Solstice retreat in June. It is a residential retreat from Wednesday 15th June at 10am to Friday 17th June at 2pm.

This retreat will be an amazing opportunity for you to also reach deeper within your soul to realise your deepest desires. Desires which you may not even know, desires which you have hidden from the world…your deepest desires and wishes for this physical existence.

Are you ready for this? You will know if you are… AND if you are, come along – it will be life-changing. Please do contact me for more information and any questions you may have: hello@bindishah.com

So what has this post, these words brought up for you? Are you living your deepest desire or are you finally ready for it? The time is NOW.

Lots of love, Bindi x