Feel calmer, and gain a stronger, deeper connection to your heart and soul.

I offer a variety of creative and meditation classes as well as life coaching for everyone.

Welcome, Soul!

Kick off your shoes, sip your tea and come back home to yourself. This is the start to your journey of self-discovery. The ride may be bumpy at times, but you’ll come through to the other side — stronger, happier and more true to yourself.
I would love to be a gentle wave for you. I’ll take you from the depths of your storm to the comfort of the beachy shore. In your despair, pain, resistance and struggle, you may not see the banks of the shore.
Let me guide you there.
I’ll clear the way and in the process you get to learn to ride the waves, to go with the flow of the ocean and gain meaning and purpose in your life.
Welcome, and welcome, Beautiful Soul.
xo, Bindi

What people say about working with me:

‘I love the classes! I feel a lot calmer and am able to deal with situations that would have upset me before, I can now look at things with a much more open mind and I don’t take things so personally. I feel Meditation has made me a kinder and more understanding person which has benefits to both me and others around me. I notice Nature more and really enjoy the feeling of just being in the moment.’

Donna, UK


Self-care...self-care...self-care... How much do you do? And how much do you actually need? I think we could all do with getting more self-care. This video gives you some more information on self-care and also a self-care meditation which you can do....

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Good Intentions, Mindful Practices

Wherever you are, join me here. I write about meditation, healing, and being open to what life will bring. Whether you’re at your desk, riding a train, relaxing on a couch or taking a walk, I want you to truly feel welcome.