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Oh Beautiful Soul,

It means the world to me that you are here. If you’re anything like me. You have been through LIFE. Life in all its aspects – the hurt, the pain, the trauma and yes also the joy. It can be challenging and there are many dark nights of the soul. Yes, I’ve been there. Moving through experience after experience on this soul journey is not easy.

Allow me to bring some ease and comfort your way, as we walk through this path of life together.

Love, Bindi x

Childless not by choice classes – meditation specifically for our community to aid healing and move through grief.

1:1 Soul Healing Meditation – get to the root of what your soul wants you to know in this lifetime – past lives are also touched on in this meditation and it is a deep, healing experience.

YouTube videos – catch up with me online in your own time and meditate when it suits you.

1:1 individually tailored meditation classes – an hour of guided meditation especially tailored for your needs.

1:1 individual life coaching with an emphasis on the soul – for childless not by choice and women of colour. Let me guide and mentor you.

1:1 mentoring for healers, coaches, meditation teachers, yoga teachers and those working within the healing and well-being community.

I bring 20 years of experience with a practice within the healing community. Let me support you with working well with your clients by mentoring on boundaries, self-care and finding your voice. Learn lifelong techniques to help you in your practice.

Writing is a huge part of my healing journey. I write the words which I cannot say (at first) and in time, they become my voice.

If you are ready to allow this wonderful gift of writing into your life, come and join me in Write to Heal. Workshops where you can uncover the hidden parts of you and allow them out as written words, which in turn support you in your healing.

Group workshops and 1:1 Write to Heal sessions are available.

Bindi’s classes are a joy and a highight of my busy week. It’s an opportunity to connect in a safe space with people who have become friends, including Bindi. It’s made a powerful difference to my life and how I approach problem solving and manage my self-care.

Berenice Smith

The Full Stop and Hello Lovely


Meditation Childless not by choice

£10 per class or £20 monthly subscription


Meditation 1:1: £40

Soul Healing Meditation



£65 first session; £55 follow ups

Write to Heal 1:1

 £65; Group workshops £25