Bindi Shah at her computer teaching a class in front of her laptop

Mentoring with me is soul-led

I use a soul-full approach to get to the heart and root of the matter: What you need to change. Where you see yourself. What you are healing from.

The soul-work is deep, it is profound, it will change you.

If you are willing to reach within to deeply heal (healing not meaning cure, but meaning deep ease and release), to start fully appreciating and loving your soul’s journey – then let me create a sacred, safe container for you. Allow yourself to heal and move forward.

Are you willing? Are you ready to come home to your self?

Through Bindi’s guidance, I am beginning to connect with my soul on a much deeper level. My soul is no longer something that is out there somewhere intangible. Especially with the visualizations that I experience in Bindi’s Soul Healing Meditations, they have helped me see aspects of myself that connect with the soul. I am in awe of what we are and will continue on this path of self-discovery. 


Mentoring with me

1:1 sessions – let me guide you to the heart of your soul and what you need.

The mentoring sessions include:

Mentoring for childless not by choice

Soul Healing
  • Where are you now? What changes do you wish for? What do you need to heal from?
  • Connecting to the soul by a Soul Healing Meditation – this will help you see where you are now and how that connects with where you see yourself.
Letting Go
  • Letting go of the trauma and injustice you’ve felt in life.
  • Releasing begins the deep healing process. Your journalling and reflection may have taken you to childhood instances and previous feelings of injustice you have had. Yes it is time to let go and fully heal.
Movement Forward
  • Creating good, daily practices to move forward.
  • Move forward with your intentions. We look at good daily practices of self-care, grounding and the ways in which you can connect to your soul regularly to continue with your healing.
  • Start living a fulfilled, ease-full life…

More information

  • The first mentoring session is priced at £65 for 1hr 15 minutes
  • Follow-up sessions are priced at £55 per hour.
  • My mentoring is currently open to the childless not by choice community, who would like to be in conversation with someone who understands and cares.
  • If you are also South Asian, then I full understand the additional layers to this journey.

Let me guide you along.

Bindi has helped me to see that my healing challenge isn’t simply a challenge or a nuisance, but actually a treasure map that has led me more fully into who I am and who I want to be in the world. The work is deep, and healing happens on every level.


Mentoring for healers, therapists and coaches

You have a deep, meaningful purpose – let me guide you

…beautiful healer and wise soul…

A few years ago I set up the online Heal Thyself program as a response to my healing challenges. It was a supportive group of healers moving through their own healing challenges as preparation to bring out deep, restorative healing light into the world. It was a beautiful program. I have added new insights to the program, loved by many, which is now renamed as Your Luminous Self

There is now a new generation of people bringing forth their healing into the world and currently experiencing similar challenges – the frustration, the fear, the self-judgement, the toxic positivity within the healing community – how can you heal others when you cannot heal yourself?

We teach what we need to learn in this world, dearest soul… and you are in the right place to learn tools to help you progress in your healing career. 

Mentoring for healers, therapists, coaches… includes Soul Healing, self-care practices, grounding, being heard and more.

More information

1:1 sessions are priced at £65 for the first session of 1 hour and 15 minutes and £55 for follow-up 1 hour sessions.

The 3 month group Your Luminous Self program is priced at £470 (£370 for payment before 21st February). We start in March 2024.  

I cherish this program. I speak to hundreds of people each week and your supporting me, is also supporting them. I am called to be a Healer, but I often feel how can I help others heal when I haven’t healed myself? I don’t share this with anyone, because I am afraid that they will not value my services and I often feel like a BIG imposter. 
Lately I have noticed things getting better and my morning pages are not as anxious. The benefits of this course are boundless. Thank you for your work, for your love and for your willingness to share your story.