Bindi Shah at her computer teaching a class in front of her laptop

Join me in meditation

Meditation is the art of going within and getting to a heightened level of awareness. It is finding peace within and discovering your internal self – your centre, your inner self, your soul, your deep truth. There is a wealth of knowledge inside of you, ready for you to uncover and learn from. These are your insights and reflections.

  • Meditate and quieten your mind to hear this internal wisdom.
  • Allow meditation to calm your mind and ease your anxiety and worry.
  • Use meditation as your relaxation and healing tool.

Thanks Bindi. Just did the pre-recorded meditation after a busy day at work which involved lots of public engagement and some tense moments with staff. The meditation has really helped me to recharge my energy/life-force and I’m feeling more relaxed to go to into the evening.



I know what a childless not by choice life looks like – it is complex and multi-layered. You may have had many years of trying for a child, of dreaming of a family. There would have been years of feeling broken. And then the realisation that you will not have a child and live the life you thought you would. It is hard.

As your meditation guide and fellow CNBC, I understand. I know what it means to have this ton of bricks fall on you and try to emerge from this. I understand the difficult days when the grief of living a childless life hits you. My meditation classes are my way of assisting through the grief and giving you time to focus on your healing.

I offer tailored meditation classes for what you need.

An hour guided meditation especially for you. Are you experiencing immense loss and would like to receive some ease in your grief? Are you honouring an anniversary and would like an hour for your remembrance? Is there something specific you would like to focus on? Allow me to design a meditation session especially for you.

The cost is £40 for the hour session and a discovery call of 20 minutes to understand what you need from the session.

In 2013 I was suffering from (unknown to me at that time) adenomyosis. I was in immense pain and didn’t have any answers as to how to care for myself. I went deeper within my soul and asked for help. My soul answered me in visuals and I saw a past life situation. I then started on a time of self-care and gently brought in some healing (healing not meaning cure, but meaning deep ease and release).

In the meditation class, you’ll connect to your soul – asking the soul what you need to know. This could be a realisation about a past life your soul has lived, which is going to help you in this life. It could be the awareness around childhood issues to help you heal. It could be the loving embrace of spirit around you.

A guide to the meditation classes

  • Meditations are taught and recorded in a vibrationally-high space
  • a positive space, deeply cleansed for your unique meditation
  • the presence of your guides, ancestors and loved ones
  • the space and energy for your healing process
  • the ability to receive physical and emotional healing
  • a sacred space is created where you feel comfortable to go deep within yourself
  • my unique knowledge and expertise on meditation.

Classes include

  • Soul-journalling for deeper realisations
  • my guidance in life coaching when you need it
  • there is positive energy flow when I record the meditations
  • like-minded people who contribute to the energy of the class
  • the ability to receive healing from the meditations.

Any questions?

Please ask, I’m happy to answer any concerns you may have.