Wouldn’t it be nice to find clarity, joy, and peace…

and return to your soul?

Join me for my

meditation classes

Join me for comfortable, relaxed, meditation classes.

Meditation for me has three purposes. The first purpose and the one which beginners start with, is to quieten the busy mind. For most of our days, our minds are full of things to do, lists, chatter and this can cause anxiety, worry and stress. Meditation can help alleviate those thoughts by focusing the mind on something else, by allowing the mind to calm and relax, by the realisation that the present moment is the most important.

Classes I offer:

  • Online Meditation Classes
  • Higher Consciousness Meditation
  • Workshops

The second purpose of meditation for me is one of a healing tool. We can use meditation as an aid for physical and emotional issues; to help us through the issues and to ultimately heal from them. Meditation increases serotonin and is good to alleviate headaches, anxiety and insomnia. Meditation has been shown to help lower high blood pressure and I myself have had this proved by a student meditating weekly:

‘My blood pressure is under control now, so much so that my doctor had to reduce my pills.’ ~ D.P E. Sussex

There is the deeper capacity to use meditation as a healing tool via the Soul Healing Meditations. I healed myself from a health issue using the deep, soul-level meditation and now teach this as a separate class.

The third purpose of meditation for me is to receive insights. Once our noisy, chatter-full mind has quietened; our wisdom can come through. We can receive messages and insights which can help us through our everyday, help us through our life challenges and generally lead to a better view of life, than the anxious, worried one we had.

The Meditation Experience with Bindi

A meditation class is more than simply a chance to unwind and relax – it is an experience!

Meditations are taught and recorded in a vibrationally-high space

A positive space, deeply cleansed for your unique meditation

The presence of your guides, ancestors and loved ones

The space and energy for your healing process

The ability to receive physical and emotional healing

A sacred space is created where you feel comfortable to go deep within yourself

My unique knowledge and expertise on meditation

Classes include soul-journalling for deeper realisations

My guidance in life coaching when you need it

There is positive energy flow when I record the meditations

Like-minded people who contribute to the energy of the class

The ability to receive healing from the meditations

The Classes

Online Meditation Classes

medspace1BI’ve been teaching meditation for 14 years – physical classes, retreats and now primarily in my online Soul Wisdom School – a school with e-courses based on my loves of meditation, life coaching and Ayurveda. Jay’s recording studio is highly energetic and before recording each meditation, it is smudged with sage & palo santo to increase the vibrational energy.

The e-classes will aid you in your discovery of your inner-being and spiritual self. They are not based on any particular faith belief and are open to everyone. The e-classes are suitable for the complete beginner or the experienced meditator who is looking for a guided meditation class and theme to enhance their home practice.

When listening to the meditations at home, ensure that you will be undisturbed for the best results and allow time for lots of soul-journalling after the meditations as your mind allows the insights to come to the surface.


The cost of the online meditation classes varies and there is a free meditation on peace.

To access the school, follow this link: Soul Wisdom School

Higher Consciousness Circle

HigherConsciounsessCircleA monthly circle in Saltdean.

My husband, Jay Parmar, is hosting this higher consciousness circle, which explores spiritual development.

There will be new topics each month and we will be learning about energy from all sources (nature, personal, others, spirit) and how it can aid in your everday. There will also be meditations to discover spirit guides and gatekeepers, protection work, receiving messages from loved ones, astral travelling and lots more fascinating topics.

You can use this group as your monthly spiritual circle or attend when you can.

Cost: £25

Day: Last Tuesday of a month

Time: 7.30-9pm

About the teacher, Jay Parmar:

The Higher Consciousness Circle is taught by my husband, Jay Parmar. He is a musician who has used his strong intuitive abilities to gain a powerful relationship with his spirit guides. They aid him with his everyday life and are very present as his spiritual mentors. This ability allows Jay to lead meditations to help you also find your spirit guides and start developing a relationship with them to enhance your physical life.

When he isn’t meditating, Jay is a full-time musician, music producer, guitar builder and guitar teacher. For more information on his music, see www.jayparmar.com.

I am also present at each Higher Consciousness Circle to aid in heightening the energy.

Soul Healing Sessions

BindiArtColours2Ours souls remember deeply… there are reasons for the remembrance and it ties in with our life’s purpose. When the remembrance leads to a manifestation of a physical or emotional wound or challenge, we can heal these via the soul.

This Soul Healing Session takes you on a deep meditation, connecting to your soul and allows the healing to happen. The soul is your essence, spirit, inner-being, the truth of who you are.

Once connected to the soul, you’ll ask your soul what you need to know. This could be the realisation about a past life your soul has lived which is going to help you in this life. It could be the awareness around childhood issues to help you heal. It could be the loving embrace of spirit around you.

I will be there with you – guiding you into the meditation and your healing. After the meditation we’ll take the time to discuss what occurred and I’ll help you root and ground. There will be time for soul-journalling, questions and affirmations.

An e-mail check-in will be scheduled for about a week after the session.


  1. Before the class, write down everything which you want healing from at the moment. What is going on with you physically? What is going on with you emotionally? Bring this paper with you. You may want to do it the night before the Soul Healing Session, so it is the most present things which are relevant when we do the healing.
  2. Wear relaxed comfortable clothing – you can lie down from the start if you want to.
  3. If you have already done any past life work and there is a certain past life you want your soul to heal from – come with that intention.
  4. Come with positive intentions to heal.
  5. If you have any favourite crystals have these with you.

The Soul Healing Session:

The Soul Healing Session will be 90 minutes for your healing. It is an online session and we will meet in my online space (via Zoom).

My healing journey took me to use this meditation 4 times and then shorter meditations in between. If you are healing from a particular physical issue – I need you to keep in touch with me, so I can see how the sessions are working. You must listen to your body as to how many you need – this could be one or maybe one each month for a few months. We can discuss this and make sure you are healing as you need to.

During the class, you may go into a past life – I want you to be gentle with yourself about everything you see and feel in the past life. There will have been trauma in a past life or this life, which is why we are healing, so it is important that you are ready to let things go and not hold on to these past lives – or the trauma around the past lives.

After the meditation, we’ll discuss your insights and you can soul-journal your realisations. I’ll also make sure you are rooted and grounded.

I am so looking forward to sharing this special Soul Healing Session with you and bringing so much healing into your life. You’ll love it!

Investment in your healing: £115 

Payment Options

You may pay in cash, cheque, or bank transfer for the physical Higher Consciousness Circle.

The online courses are paid via an online payment system.

If you have questions about payment, reserving a spot or anything else regarding my classes, please contact me.