Daily Truth Oracle Cards


Beautiful Souls, I have an Oracle Card deck for you. This has been created from a place of deep soul and love. I started receiving spiritual messages – words of wisdom – from my Spirit guide in 2015. These messages from the soul, along with my free-hand mandalas formed the roots of the deck.

Late 2019, I started to bring the mandalas and writing together in digital form, ready for printing. They are now available from the Make Playing Cards website: www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/bindishah

Enjoy receiving the messages from your soul via the Daily Truth Oracle Deck, Bindi xx

Daily Truth

How to use the oracle cards…

  1. Pick a card as a message for the day ahead – your daily truth.
  2. Pick a card after your meditation practice as a message from your soul.
  3. Pick a card for your reflection and journalling.
  4. Pick a card before you meditate to use as focus.

Above all, enjoy using them.

The Mandalas..

I started sketching mandalas free-hand after meditation and my Spirit guide connection from 2018. These mandalas became the messages in picture form. For me, the mandalas represent the essence of life and the universe.

This quote by Carl Jung on the mandala explains my journey to the mandala too:

‘I sketched every morning in a notebook a small circular drawing… which seemed to correspond to my inner situation at the time.’ 

Buy your own deck here: www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/bindishah

Or buy directly from me – I have a few cards to sell at the moment – email: bindi (at) bindishah.com

Enjoy connecting to your inner self and share your pictures on instagram with the hashtag #dailytruthoraclecards and tag me @letterstomysoul

Much love to you, Bindi x

I have been using my Daily Truth Oracle Cards on a regular basis for a few months now. I like to draw a card in the morning as it helps me frame my perspective for the day. I prop up the card in my work space so I can return to it over the course of the day. I’ve also used the cards as written and art journaling prompts and in meditation. The mandala artwork is beautiful and each card is unique. On a practical side, the size is easy for me to shuffle and the cards are sturdy without being too stiff. I gifted a deck to someone not used to working with oracle decks but who is an avid journal writer and poet. She loved it. I will be gifting this deck to others. Bindi has truly created something special with these cards and I love having a bit of her warm, loving, peaceful spirit with me.

Anne Gaffney-Iehl

I have never been brilliant at any of the ‘do this every morning’ stuff, whether it’s from exercise, to diet, to morning pages… but this I look forward to and it really stays with me… I have found huge comfort as they are so accessible, beautiful and uplifting.