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Writing and poetry

Writing is a part of my healing journey. It has been for years. I mostly journal and write poetry.

Writing is a huge part of my healing journey. I write the words which I cannot say out loud (at first) and in time, they become my voice.

I go into the writing times of life gently with meditation. I breathe, I centre and then I write. I allow my emotions out onto the page and they then form poems, the start to creative projects, blogs and messages from my soul.

Write to Heal

Writing is a huge part of my healing journey. When I was in the depth of my childless grief, I wrote words which later became poetry – often waking up in the middle of the night and simply writing and writing. I later realised that this writing was my healing – it was a way of allowing my emotions out.

In the workshop, we will be exploring using Writing as a way of healing from trauma, grief and loss. The workshop starts with a meditation to access the inner part of you. From this deeper part, the words come through. There will be writing time to allow the words out and also prompts to help with this. We will end with a grounding and sharing (if you wish to, there is no requirement to share).

Are you ready to allow writing into your life for your healing? An important factor is a safe space to write as you move inwards into those parts of you which have been hidden for so long. A lot can come out from your depths. In the Write to Heal workshop, there is space for you to bring things out whilst being in a supportive, understanding space.

The workshop starts with meditation and then some writing time with prompts. We end with grounding and share our thoughts.

We meditate. We write. We ground. We share.

Group workshops are 2.5 hours long and cost £25. The next date for the Childless not by Choice sessions is:

Saturday 27th January 2024 4-6.30pm GMT 

If you would like a deeper writing experience for yourself (a treat for the soul), I offer 1:1 Write to Heal Sessions. These are 1.5 hours long and cost £65.

Take a little time to write

Book your space with me

I was able to connect with those deeper, more painful aspects of my life which I had previously been avoiding. Unlike other writing workshops I’ve participated in, I love that the Write to Heal Workshop was a safe space with other childless women and that it began with a guided meditation. I believe the meditation was the catalyst I needed to be able to start honestly confronting my grief, and the writing prompts gave me the tools and space to work with all that came to the surface during the meditation. 



A few years ago, I had a few months of writing poetry. It flowed. I would wake up at 5am and suddenly have a burst of words come through. I called it my healing journey – a part of me knew the words needed to come out with the emotions. It was an interesting time and from it came my self-published book of poetry: The Eyes of Time writing as Grace Sumeria.

My poetry was shared during World Childless Week and featured on the website.

Let me share some of these poems with you.

The Hole In Me

There’s a hole in my heart

            where love should be.

There’s a hole in my heart

            where you should be.

I feel this hole in my heart

            every day.

The emptiness, the loss,

            the non-whole of me.

The hole…

            in me.


For years I couldn’t cry,

the tears wouldn’t come.

Unlike my 20s,

when they flowed freely.

But now I cry again,

big tears.

The floodgates open,

I am broken.

Tears rush down,

they cleanse.

They come now,

to heal me.

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