One of my words for 2016 is inspired and I am genuinely feeling inspired by so much and by so many people. I recently read an Instagram post by my creative cohort, Sharon Tessandori, where she described her day preparation for a retreat which she was teaching and she called it a ‘shit ton of beautiful work.’ I instantly fell in love with the phrase.

Yes retreat work is BEAUTIFUL and I mean truly, madly, deeply beautiful and there is a ton of it! When you think you finally have everything under control and have prepared for every eventuality, something else appears.

The preparation though is beautiful work. The workbooks I create are a joy to do – writing and organising exercises into themes for each day; choosing meaningful photos to add a deeper, visual realisation to the text; sourcing quotes to add into margins; writing poetry to again aid deeper thought. The finished product is always a joy to hold, to read and for the participants something they can work on after the retreat too.

retreat bags

retreat bags

Then there are the bags! I use canvas bags especially designed for the retreats and fill them with things which I believe will enhance the retreat experience even more. Coloured pens, a book for journalling, the created workbook. Paper for letting go of things and tearing and burning. We always have a burning release ceremony at the retreats. Crystals to keep by their beds, whilst at the retreat, for a good night’s sleep and to hold during the day for meditation. Tissues – of course! As you move in, a lot comes out.

At the December retreat I added Christmas chocolates and I also include ear-plugs in the retreat bags, just in case they find it difficult falling asleep. Although after yoga nidra and in the peaceful surroundings of Florence House, most sleep especially well. At the first retreat I taught, someone had their first 8 hours of sleep in 20 years!

name tags

name tags

So what else is beautiful work? The name-tags which I lovingly hand-craft. The handwritten cards I send out before the retreat so the participants know what to expect and have all the information they need.

Organising the craft supplies for our vision board and collage activities – magazines, water-colour pencils, glue, scissors, affirmations, quotes, glitter. I always know it has been a good session when there is a lot of glitter around.

And wow yes!! This is a ‘shit ton of beautiful work’ – well said Sharon!

Beautiful work… those 2 words which inspired me so… What do they bring up for you? How is the work you do for the world beautiful?

I am eager to know the light, goodness and beauty that you are bringing into the world.

Love, Bindi x