Meditations for the childless not by choice community

Guided weekly classes to help us heal

Contact me to book your 1:1 chat – especially if you have not ‘met’ me online yet. I’m looking forward to talking and learning more about you and your journey to here.

If you are ready for these meditations, email to let me know and either choose the £10 option for a single class, or the subscription button for all weekly classes for £20. If you want to have a meditation class with me individually for your deeper healing, then also contact me for single classes at £40.

Or ask me any questions you have.

Much love, Bindi x

Thank you so much for the beautiful meditation last night, it was emotional! It was so lovely to talk to my dad (in spirit) and to share things with him that I never felt I could during his earthly lifetime. Thank you for making space for that.


Childless not by Choice

I know what a childless not by choice life looks like – it is complex and multi-layered. You may have had many years of trying for a child, of dreaming of a family. There would have been years of feeling broken. And then the realisation that you will not have a child and live the life you thought you would. It is hard.

As your meditation guide and fellow CNBC, I understand. I know what it means to have this ton of bricks fall on you and try to emerge from this, dazed and shell-shocked. I understand the difficult days when the grief of living a childless life hits you. I have been through this and have slowly emerged into a newer state.

The emergence of a life from this is hard; really hard. But you do emerge, and slowly you start living again; surviving. You have glimpses of what a different life will look like for you. Then gently you start recognising your strength; you see your sparkle. You start thriving a little, and then a little more. AND then you see how yes, you can be worthy of a good life, a happy life.

This is what I wish for all of us in the CNBC community. My meditation classes are my way of assisting through the grief and giving you time to focus on your healing.

Come meditate with me

The guided meditation will be live via the online platform of Zoom. At the class time, you’ll log in and come meditate with me. You will see me and be able to interact via audio or chat. If you prefer you can keep your video off, or show your shining being. The meditation class will be 45 minutes long and costs £10. I will not be recording the sessions, so if this is not your timezone – please message me and I can start arranging for additional class times.

After the meditation, I’ll guide you to surround with light which keeps the positive energy you’ve grown close to you, and do a deep grounding.

I have found that my meditation practice has kept me balanced during my childless not by choice grieving time and is helping me grow into my NOMO self. (Not a Mother coined by Jody Day of Gateway Women)

    Allow yourself to heal.

    Allow yourself to emerge into a life you can live.

    A life where you recognise your deep strength.

    A life where you can see your sparkle.

    A life which makes you happy. 

    Class times

    Tuesday 8-8.45pm BST

    Wednesday 11-11.45am BST

    Thursday 5-5.45pm BST and 6.30-7.15pm BST


    The meditation classes are 45 minutes long and I stay on for an extra 15 minutes for sharing and additional grounding if this is needed.

    You can purchase each class separately or sign up for a monthly subscription through Paypal: £20 per month.

    Pay as you go

    You can purchase each class separately too: £10 per class.

    If the class times do not work with your timezone, please do contact me and I can put on more classes. I also provide a pre-recorded meditation of the theme for the week.

    Take a little self care

    Book a meditation with me, your first class is FREE

    Your message touching on the resilience in our community is very supportive thank you, hopefully sharing our resilience with each other and sending peace outward can make a difference somehow in the world. Thank you for the special energy and loving kindness you share with us through your classes.