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Hello, I’m Bindi.

I’m a meditation guide, writer, and life coach. My practice has evolved recently, and I am teaching meditation classes for the involuntary childless community and writing for my healing.

I worked in the corporate sector for several years, first in London and then in Frankfurt, Germany. I worked in a stressful telecoms environment dealing with international companies and complaints about their data lines. After a visit to an Ayurveda retreat in India, I discovered how good natural health care felt, and it was the start of something new for me.

I went back to Germany and taught a few of my colleagues the breathing techniques I had learned, and they instantly felt relaxed. I thought, ‘Wow, this really works!’ and decided to study this ancient healing system of Ayurveda after being made redundant. I traveled to India to study Ayurveda. I learned traditional Ayurveda techniques and theory from the ancient scriptures and the poetic language of Sanskrit. Plus meditation, astrology, yoga… It was a fantastic experience.

I brought this healing system to London and created a successful practice helping people with health challenges and teaching yoga. The sea air and calming potential of my move to the south coast changed my practice. I meditated more and gently offered these healing meditations as classes. I soon taught workshops and retreats and offered Life Coaching following certification into my business. The connection of the mind, body, and soul continues to be a thread in my current work.

After a visit to an Ayurveda retreat in India, I discovered how good natural health-care felt and it was the start of something new for me.

My life coaching took me to life coach at a centre for vulnerable young adults, guiding them in coping strategies and meditation. Many of them were from abusive households and found themselves homeless and lacking the skills to cope with everyday living.

Voluntary work has always been central to my life. At the age of 15, I travelled to India with my mother to give out clothes and food to people in need. We later set up a charity as a family, and I went to India for voluntary work on numerous occasions.

One of my volunteering highlights is the time I spent at the Mother Teresa Ashram in Coimbatore during my Ayurveda studies. It was a place for desolate women where women were found again once they had been abandoned by family and society. It was a privilege to help care for the women and assist the orphaned girls with their English studies.

Health ailments brought me to a deep Soul Healing meditation, which touched on past life issues. This became a popular meditation class and allowed many to embark on a path of deep healing themselves.

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You may know my work under Anamaya, the name I chose for my business after returning from my studies in India – it means well-being in Sanskrit. A few years ago, I rebranded under my birth name – Bindi Shah – after realising the significance of it in the soul-work I do. It means the empress of inner awareness. 

In recent years, following the knowledge that I would be childless, grief set in for a life I would never live and I started writing more poetry and teaching less. I started meditation classes for involuntary childless in 2020 during World Childless Week and since then have moved on to teach weekly classes.

My work is always growing and my plan is to run more classes for the involuntary childless community. It is a community who has my heart. People, like me, who wanted children and then life showed a different path. Thank you for your trust in me as you move along this journey of life.

Healing for me is all about the ease and release to move forwards. It does not mean the ailment isn’t there, but it gives voice to a new way of thought around it. We are all whole beings with light, dark and everything in between. Coming to a comfortable place within ourselves is essential to lead a fulfilled life. It is what I intend for all of my students and clients.

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Media and features

I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of meditation with others. I’m a huge supporter of World Childless Week, and love taking part in podcasts including The Full Stop’s and collaborating with Gateway Women.


World Childless Week Meditations


I’m mentioned in the book Building Your Business the Right Brain Way by Jennifer Lee

  • Today’s Therapist
  • Holistic Health & Healing
  • Professional Beauty
  • Juno
  • Jain Spirit
  • Lifted
  • Asian Bride magazine 
  • Soul & Spirit 
  • Tutum Journal   


  • University of Reading: BSc (Hons) Building Surveying
  • University of Reading: MSc International Business
  • Berlitz Teacher Training Course in English to teach in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetam Trust, Coimbatore, India: Certificate in Ayurveda & Yoga
  • Oxford College of Distance Learning: Life Coaching Diploma

I have been a guest teacher in programmes by:

  • Sunita Passi’s Tridosha Ayurveda 
  • Priestess Program by Vanessa Sage
  • Pull Pen Paint by Kiala Givehand
  • Ruth McCant’s Astrology 

If Soul Healing Meditation or an aspect of my soul-work aligns with your healing work, please do contact me for my availability to guest teach.

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