Hello and welcome, dear soul! My name is Bindi.

Come meditate, retreat and life-coach with me.

If you’re worried, anxious about the unknown and you don’t know where to go to next, left me help you bring clarity, joy, calm and peace into your life.

I want you to come back to your soul!

My purpose is empowering people so they can lead happier, more purposeful lives. I am passionate about helping people find their voices and assisting healers and light-workers be the best they can.

My journey. And how it has led me to helping others.

My journey to the health and well-being world happened after working in the corporate sector for a number of years, first in London and then in Frankfurt, Germany. I was working in a stressful, telecoms environment dealing with major international companies’ complaints about their data lines. After a visit to India to an Ayurveda retreat, I discovered how good you can feel with deep natural health-care for yourself and it was the start of something new for me. I went back to Germany and taught a few of my colleagues the breathing techniques I had learnt – we instantly felt relaxed and I thought, “Wow, this really works!” and decided to study Ayurveda after being made redundant in November 2001. I had a knowing that the redundancy would be the start of something better for me, and in December 2001, I travelled to India to study Ayurveda. I learned traditional Ayurveda techniques, theory from the ancient scriptures and the poetic language of Sanskrit. Plus astrology, yoga, meditation, herbs… It was definitely a year-long experience!

A new vision, a new life and a new company.

I returned to London in February 2003 and knew that I wanted to give other people the knowledge I had learnt. I set up my own company and treated physical ailments such as arthritis, joint pain, and high blood pressure with a combination of the Ayurveda oil therapies, herbs to use in cooking, yoga and meditation. I worked out of an alternative health clinic in Sloane Square and my home clinic in Hounslow. I also taught individual and group classes in Yoga and Meditation.

The more ailments I treated and people I saw, I realised that most of our physical health issues are to do with our minds and emotional level and less about our physical body.

I started to focus more on the mind and embarked on a Life Coaching diploma course in 2008 which would marry the Eastern philosophy of Ayurveda with some goals, accountability and techniques to help people in their busy lives.

My meditation classes, the Gratitude Circle, Soul Healing and Heal Thyself

I live in beautiful Saltdean by the sea, and taught weekly meditation classes from my home meditation space for 7 years. I now spend my days writing my life-coaching & meditation book.

I started a Gratitude Circle in 2013, which met once a month to express gratitude. The circle created magical, positive energy that helped increase the abundance in our lives.

2013 was also one of great healing for me from past life trauma, which had manifested as a physical ailment. I healed deeply on a soul level with meditation. This Soul Healing Meditation became a class and I now offer 1:1 sessions in this for your own deep healing.

The Soul Healing Meditation was also the foundation for my virtual ‘Heal Thyself’ course which first launched in Autumn 2013.

Volunteering, Retreats and more

I have volunteered my skills to a young person’s centre in Brighton, who provide assistance, food and guidance for vulnerable 13-25 year olds – some of them homeless, some of them from abusive backgrounds. I life-coached them on a range of issues such as anxiety, peer conflict, family breakdown and bereavement. They loved learning the techniques and especially the relaxation & meditation.

A natural progression for me was starting teaching residential retreats and my first weekend retreat was in March 2015. I found a beautiful venue on the Sussex coast called Florence House. It is truly a home away from home, with delicious food, inspiring views and wonderful hospitality. As I take time out from physical teaching to write and reflect on my inward journey, I invite you to join an online class in my Soul Wisdom School. The online meditations can be done at your leisure and from any corner of the world.

To keep in touch with my writing journey and latest happenings, follow me on Instagram. I’m so happy we connected!

Professional credentials:

University of Reading: BSc (Hons) Building Surveying
University of Reading: MSc International Business
Berlitz Teacher Training Course in English to teach in Frankfurt, Germany
Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetam Trust, Coimbatore, India: Certificate in Ayurveda & Yoga
Oxford College of Distance Learning: Life Coaching Diploma

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