Are you familiar with the phrase ‘stay in your own lane?’ I heard this for the first time a few months ago and it really resonated with me. I was on an online call and one of the participants said she keeps reminding herself to ‘stay in my own lane’ as she was becoming distracted by external factors.

The phrase ‘stay in my own lane’ stayed with me and I think about it from time to time when I notice I am getting distracted and not staying true to myself and what I wish to achieve.

AND isn’t life 1000 times more distracting now? There seems to be so much bombarding us, especially online, and I find these distractions take us away from what is important to us. They distract us from the simplicity and depth of a loving, happy life.

What are you distracting yourself with, dear one?

Distractions help you procrastinate. They help you lead a less meaningful life. They take you away from the depth of life. How many times have you checked instagram or facebook today?

Yes leading a life full of depth and meaning can be painful…

Yes you will go through your experiences instead of numbing them…

Yes this will bring reflection, awareness and growth…

This reflection and awareness will be your way out of the pain, not distracting yourself to forget the pain. Distraction to forget the pain will never help.

Staying in your own lane actually means you get to experience life fully. You get to embrace your soul’s way of life. Not by distracting the pain, hurt or all of the other painful emotions. But by working through.

So what do you want to achieve by staying in your lane? What vision do you have once you have taken away your distractions?

How have you become distracted? Is it through social media?

Allow yourself to fully experience your soul’s journey and stay in your own lane….

One of the best techniques which I use to stay grounded, focused and in my own lane is meditation. By meditating you are totally in the present moment, in the now and so naturally you are in your lane… you simply need to keep that meditative peace around you for as long as you can.

The more you meditate and have a daily meditative practice, the easier it will be for you to stay in your own lane. To be focused on your journey and to allow your distractions to go. I have been teaching meditation for years now and have seen the positive ways in which it has changed people’s lives. It has helped people see the peace within them, it has helped them stay grounded in the chaos of their lives. For me, it is a go-to technique which everyone can benefit from. I have a few self-study classes and can also guide you in 1:1 meditation sessions in a virtual classroom. Come and meditate with me: Bindi’s Classes

So share with me… what has distracted you from staying in your own lane? And what will you be using to stay in your own lane from now on?

Much love, Bindi x