Last November saw me beginning my daily yoga routine with the Tree Pose. This happened very naturally, completely without me thinking about it. My usual practice was to start with Sun Salutations, but one day I went into the Tree Pose and felt myself ground and centre. I continuously did this until a month ago (nearly a year), when it naturally left my daily practice as easily as it had come in. During the year I realised I had started this at the time of the US election – the world felt extra chaotic and I, as a sensitive being, felt this extra chaos and needed some extra grounding.

What does it mean to be grounded, dear one? For me, to be grounded means to be in the centre of your being. Being in your centre means being present to what is going on in your life. It means being present to your breath. It means speaking from your wise, inner-self. It means being in your soul.

treebranchesLiving a grounded life, completely from your soul gives you the clarity you need. It leads to less confusion, better decision-making and a happier existence.

I was feeling into the energy of the world – the chaos which was going on… and my body naturally went into the Tree Pose – I listened to my body and flowed with it.

It has been an interesting year and it means a lot to me as we come into closing 2017, that my body no longer feels the need for the extra grounding. I still ground myself – I use roots from the soles of my feet, which you learn from this video: Grounding Video but the extra grounding is not essential.

How has this year been for you, dear soul? Have you had to ground or centre yourself more?

Have you found that you have come away from your centre?

What did you do to help yourself?

I would love to know your experiences around grounding and being in your centre. AND what do you think about the Tree Pose for a year – interesting, right?

Much love to you, Bx