Last year was all about writing for me. I started the year working on my life-coaching and meditation book. The dark months over the winter were ideal to do this and after a traumatic few years, it was a healing time.

Then in April 2018, my writing opened up to something new. It started with the passing of my grandfather-in-law. I observed the way my husband’s cousins (the grandchildren) were. I had not known my grandfathers – one passed before I was born and one when I was four years old. So for me it was extremely valuable watching them, as I held them in my heart with the grief they were feeling.

It was Sunday morning – Easter Sunday – and I woke up at 5am. I was at my parents-in-law’s house and made my way quietly to the sitting room where my notebook was. I started to write. A poem came through, for me it was downloaded from spirit, about the grief, loss and what I had been observing. I sent it to my cousins-in-law and later that day, they asked me to read it our at the funeral. It had touched them. This and the reading of the poem at the funeral led me to fully realise the POWER of words.

And after this event, my poetry flowed. It was like nothing else I have ever experienced. A flow of consciousness coming from me onto the page. I had to make sure my notebook was readily accessible. The words flowed at any time – a number of times while I was on my walk – and yes I would stop in the street and start writing.

With this writing, I healed. With every poem I let go of a hurt. My pain lessened. I started to see a way through my deep sadness. It was such a revelation that writing could help me in this way.

I have been writing for years – both fiction and non-fiction – but this healing aspect of writing really struck me last year. Since then I have continued writing and now know that this is a path to my healing.

  • I am ready to take you through my process.
  • I am ready to share the things which inspired me.
  • I am ready to help you on your writing & healing journey.

I’m starting a writing circle. It is called The Writer’s Cafe and you’ll find more information here: The Writer’s Cafe. It is on Patreon, a creative community, and we will have discussions in between the live, virtual sessions.

If this sounds like what you need for your healing, come and join me. I would love to have you there. And if you have questions, please do reach out to me:

Love, Bindi x