Life Coaching

You have things you are here to do.

You have a purpose.

You have dreams.

Let me help you get where you need to be.

Life coaching with me is a creative process.

I use inspiring and motivating techniques to allow you to explore all aspects of your life – your current life, your personal life, your professional life, your future life. It is extremely satisfying to have the time to actually look directly at what is working and what is not working for you and how you may want to introduce new rituals or routines into your everyday life.

In the life coaching sessions, we work together to reach your potential. I pose enquiring questions to you, give you thoughtful and creative exercises to do, set you deadlines and goals and cheer you on along the way. There are a lot of ‘lightbulb’ moments in the sessions and afterwards as you do the work.

‘A coach is someone who really cares, who is warm & committed; they are your friend and they are also a person who is going to challenge you.’

~ Tony Robbins


I am totally committed to your progress as we work together and ask that you are too. It is easier to reach your goals when you are inspired. So if you feel the time is right for you to start life coaching with me, I would love to have our initial chat and introduction. Book your free 30 minute introductory session now.

My expertise

I began my Life Coaching career in 2009 and have life-coached people in all areas of life. I tailor my sessions to you and what you need from the life-coaching process.

I have life-coached at a young people’s centre for 13-25 year olds and my coachees have received excellent results from the life coaching. The teenage years bring questions, turbulence and confusion and having someone outside of the immediate circle of family, peers or school – guide, empower and provide the space for them to discover themselves has been invaluable at this age.

The other main age group I have life-coached is the transitional years of 35-50. The years where there is so much life to be had and again, there are questions and doubts which can come up.

A lot of my work involves looking at expectations of life and the feeling that life is not how you thought it would be. People have had life-coaching around different paths to follow due to changes in health, childlessness and unintended career-breaks.

If you are finding yourself in a transition and would like to empower yourself to find your answers, do book your free 30-minute introductory session: hello (at) bindishah (dot) com.


All my sessions following our 30-minute free session are 90 minutes long.

I find that the longer sessions enable us to find the clarity needed without hurrying or clock-watching.

Single session

Investment: £85

One 90-minute session filled with meaningful discussion and insights to help you clarify where you are and help you see where you need to go.


Following our initial 30 minute discussion, we’ll discuss in more detail where you are most stuck, what you most need help with and what your greater challenges are. We’ll then work together to find the best solutions for you to be able to move forward with meaning and joy.


  • 90-minute session
  • Deep exploration of your most challenging issues
  • Proposals, suggestions and techniques custom-tailored for you
  • Answers to your most pressing problems
  • Workbook and other materials you can use to stay on track after our discussion
Investment: £85

Full-Day plus Session

Investment: £795

A day with Bindi – spend a whole, full day with me!


I would love to offer you a whole day of life-coaching, meditation, calm and insight. There will be deep clarity as you come away from your everyday routine and enter a different, empowering inner space. Let me listen to your questions, guide the insightful exercises we’ll use and help you uncover your deepest desires.

The day will be TOTALLY for you. A luxurious way to receive what you need and with me to cheer you along and listen as perhaps no-one else has in your life yet.


  • a 90 minute first session over the phone
  • a day with me in Brighton
  • a workbook entirely dedicated to the exercises which will aid you
  • lunch, coffees/teas, cake,
  • a 60-minute follow-up call after a month.

You’ll need to fill out a questionnaire prior to booking a time and making the payment.

Contact me to get started.

What people say about working with me:

I just wanted to say how motivating and helpful the life coaching you gave me has been. It came at exactly the righttime, when I was feeling stuck and knowing I needed to make some choices about my work but not knowing how tofocus or move forward. It has been a few weeks since our last session and I have made some important changes and know I am going in the right direction. Thank you so much.”

~ L. Mendelsohn, Counsellor

“Bindi is a life-line! I felt swamped by ‘should, would, could’ and she has helped me focus on my priorities.”

~ S. Grant, Author & Nutritionist

‘It feels like my life has completely changed after feeling so anxious about college before, and now I am starting to feel happy about going.’

~ L.H, Student

‘The life coaching made me think about myself, which I never do. It made me realise what I have achieved so far and what my potential is for the future.’

~ Kim, Therapist