Soul-Full Moon Meditations

~ guided monthly full moon meditations with a soul connection ~

Come meditate with me on the full moon.

Each month I’ll be teaching a meditation class to guide you in receiving what your soul wants you to know.

A message from your soul, via a meditation, to aid you in your personal, professional, spiritual, emotional, physical and healing life. 

The guided meditation will be live via the online platform of Zoom. At the class time, you’ll log in and come meditate with me. You will see me and be able to interact via audio or chat. If you prefer you can keep your video off, or show me your shining being. The meditation class will be 45 minutes long and cost $22. It will be recorded and an audio recording available to you after the live session.

After the meditation, I’ll guide you to surround with light which keeps the positive energy you’ve grown close to you, and do a deep grounding.

Why the Full Moon?

The full moon is magical. The fullness of the moon makes it easier to feel and connect with the lunar energy. This energy opens our hearts and enters our souls. It is a time of release, of manifestation and of deep healing. Full moon time is typically 2 days before the full moon, the day of the full moon and 2 days afterwards. You will feel the energy during all of these days. If you are spiritually awakening it is essential that you fully ground and guide your energy at this time.

Whatever is in your thoughts around the full moon, will be magnified… so come and meditate with me and magnify your positive energy. You’ll feel the effects of this for days afterwards.

I hope you are ready to join me. If you have additional questions, please do ask – you can e-mail me at hello [at] bindishah [dot] com.

AND if you are ready, click on the link to take you to the checkout on Paypal (you do not have to have a paypal account and can pay by credit card):

Soul-Full Moon Meditation – $22

Dates for November & December:

Saturday 4th November 2017 – 4pm UK time (PDT – Los Angeles 9am; EDT – New York 12pm) – For other time zones please see: Time Zone Converter 

Monday 4th December 2017 – 8pm UK time (PDT – Los Angeles 12pm; EDT – New York 3pm)

$22 for either the November class or the December class:

Important: Once you have paid for the class, click on return to merchant to complete the registration process.  I am really excited to be able to meditate with you LIVE online very, very soon 🙂

There is a special end of year discounted price for registering on both the November and December classes of $33 – remember if you cannot join live, you still get a recording:

$33 for both November & December:

What people say about my meditation classes

‘I love the classes! I feel a lot calmer and am able to deal with situations that would have upset me before, I can now look at things with a much more open mind and I don’t take things so personally. I feel Meditation has made me a kinder and more understanding person which has benefits to both me and others around me. I notice Nature more and really enjoy the feeling of just being in the moment.’

Donna, UK

‘Meditating with you helped me to find peace. Your own energy is so good that it helped me to find better energy within myself. The most important thing that I learned from you is how to deal with my fears and panic attacks. You taught me to communicate with it rather than to fight it. That was life changing for me. I do the same with any negative feeling. I’ve been reading a lot of books that would talk about it and I couldn’t make it work for me but you helped me to put it into practice.’

~ M.D,  UK

‘The meditation made me feel at peace. Such a great feeling! I only wish I had known about all this when I was younger. It would have helped me so much with exams, health and life in general.

~ Valerie, UK

‘I have been meditating deeper than ever before and feel myself growing fast spiritually, not just from the meditations, but also from your advice. I am enormously grateful for your support. I feel blessed to know you.’

~ F.H,  France

‘Your commitment to living a meaningful and serene life and guiding others to do the same, comes through clearly in your meditation.’

~ Susan,  USA

A 3 month cycle of the moon

From January 2018, we’ll be working with the full moon’s energy in 3 month cycles.  

Releasing…. Manifesting… Healing…

January = Release – this first month of the cycle you’ll focus on what it is you need to release and let go.

February = Manifestation – this second month of the cycle, you’ll use the moon’s fullness and energy to manifest.

March = Healing – the third month of the cycle you’ll tune in to what your soul needs you to know about healing yourself.

The 3 month cycle of the moon costs $54 and as a bonus you get a free enrolment onto one of my Creative Classes for the Soul.

Monday 2nd January 2018 – 4pm UK time (PDT – Los Angeles 8am; EDT – New York 11am) – For other time zones please see: Time Zone Converter 

Thursday 1st February 2018 – 8pm UK time (PDT – Los Angeles 12pm; EDT – New York 3pm)

Thursday 1st March 2018 – 4pm UK time (PDT – Los Angeles 8am; EDT – New York 11am)

3 month full-moon cycle: $54 – includes a bonus enrolment to a Creative Class for the Soul:

$22 for a single class:

My thoughts on Meditation.

Meditation for me has three purposes. The first purpose and the one which beginners start with, is to quieten the busy mind. For most of our days, our minds are full of things to do, lists, chatter and this can cause anxiety, worry and stress. Meditation can help alleviate those thoughts by focusing the mind on something else, by allowing the mind to calm and relax, by the realisation that the present moment is the most important.

The second purpose of meditation for me is one of a healing tool. We can use meditation as an aid for physical and emotional issues; to help us through the issues and to ultimately heal from them. Meditation increases serotonin and is good to alleviate headaches, anxiety and insomnia. It has also been shown to help lower high blood pressure.

There is the deeper capacity to use meditation as a healing tool via the Soul Healing Meditations. I healed myself from a health issue using the deep, soul-level meditation and now offer this as an individual class. We will be connecting with the soul in our soul-full moon meditations. 

The third purpose of meditation for me is to receive insights. Once our noisy, chatter-full mind has quietened; our wisdom can come through. We can receive messages and insights which can help us through our everyday, help us through our life challenges and generally lead to a better view of life, than the anxious, worried one we had.

The Meditation Experience with Bindi

A meditation class is more than simply a chance to unwind and relax – it is an experience!

Meditations are taught and recorded in a vibrationally-high space

A positive space, deeply cleansed for your unique meditation

The presence of your guides, ancestors and loved ones

The space and energy for your healing process

The ability to receive physical and emotional healing

A sacred space is created where you feel comfortable to go deep within yourself

My unique knowledge and expertise on meditation

Classes include soul-journalling for deeper realisations

My guidance in life coaching when you need it

There is positive energy flow when I record the meditations

Like-minded people who contribute to the energy of the class

The ability to receive healing from the meditations

Soul-Full Moon Meditation – $22 – for a single class:

Saturday 4th November 4pm UK time.

Monday 4th December 8pm UK time.

Important: Once you have paid for the class, click on return to merchant to complete the registration process. 

$33 for both the November & December classes  – remember that you get a recording if you cannot make the class live.