Oh loves, there are so many beautiful offerings out there at the moment. I believe this time of 2020 has brought us a heightened awareness and teachers & healers are also increasing their intention to offer more. We all need this healing.

A wonderful friend of mine, Sam Goodchild, is now offering people a deep, sacred path as we all move into this new shift of being and awareness. This is what she says:

“The Earth is shifting, she is evolving to a higher state of consciousness and frequency. Many have experienced a spiritual awakening or an acceleration of their spiritual development. We are all being called to really shift up our frequency. This winter solstice 21st December 2020, there is going to be a huge energetic change and afterwards, many people on Earth will be seeking a more spiritual way of living.

What I am noticing is that those being called to assist with this shift seem to fall into three camps:

  • Frequency holders – this group need to maintain as high a frequency as possible and ‘just be’. The important work for them is to get really clean and clear; purify their channel and allow that love and light vibration to radiate out across the planet. Many in your community may intuit they are frequency holders. I can help them to really ground that frequency, and raise their vibration to its highest possible level, step by step on my Sacred Healer Path.


  • Healers – this group work with others to help clear their blocks and purify their energy fields for the coming change. They need to be there to support and nurture people in spiritual crisis, those newly awakening and those who are working through karmic challenges. There are many healing paths and the new healers will be using a multi-dimensional toolkit. I can help those called to serve in this way by teaching them to work with Sacred healing ceremonies and rituals to heal others and the Earth. Healers can dive deeply into this spiritual toolkit during my Sacred Healer Path.


  • Teachers / Leaders – this group are here to share truth, to serve their communities, to bring spiritual practice to others and help others set sacred intentions. They will gather and lead groups to harness the power of positive collective thought. Like Healers, Teachers are called to a huge variety of paths, the demand for spiritual and sacred ceremony is going to increase as many more people awaken. I can help those leaders and teachers who feel called to a path of Sacred Celebrancy, we work together to learn the art of ceremony and celebration in my Sacred Celebrant Path.