Dear Soul, 15 years ago this month I saw my first client… 15 years ago!! I can hardly believe it!

So this month of March, I am celebrating 15 years of entrepreneurship, of self-employment, of owning a business, of freedom from the corporate world. It is quite a celebration and has been a fulfilling journey.

I have had 15 years of being able to help people via wisdom from Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Life-Coaching and Soul Connection.

15 years of Ayurveda consultations, Ayurveda treatments, Yoga classes, Meditation workshops, Meditation classes, Life Coaching sessions, Soul nourishing retreats, Gratitude circles, Online classes.

15 years of writing – mostly articles, newsletters and blog posts and now am writing for healing and for publishing.

15 years of business friendships, mentors, networking and connection.

I have had the privilege of serving hundreds of clients, students and participants in my courses, classes and sessions. First in London, where I established my business, then here in Saltdean and Brighton and now internationally as people enrol onto my online classes. If you are one of my clients reading this, I thank you.

It has been a well-rounded career and business life and for this I am grateful.

I wonder what the next 15 years will involve? I know there will definitely be more writing and maybe the opportunity for some more in-person connections. At the moment, I am having so many conversations around home and belonging and my main intention for the retreats I led was ‘come home to your soul’. I feel this message will become even deeper as I progress through the next stage in my business life. It’ll be interesting to see what unfolds. I am always open when thinking of my business and allow myself to flow with what feels right and where my energy wants to go. I was very boxed in during my corporate life!

So dear one, what have the last 15 years shown you? Do you need a change? Are you ready for the next stage in your life or business? Come and life coach with me! I have numerous techniques and tools which I have worked with during the years and which WORK! I life coach in a creative way and see what you need as we work together in exploring your life and how you can fall in love with your soul’s journey.

I offer a free 30 minute session so you can see the way I work and as a celebration offer I am offering 15% off the 90 minute Life Coaching session (usually £85 and with the discount £72). Please contact me for the free 30 minute initial session: bindi (at) bindishah (dot) com.

I am also going to have a special 15% off for my Soul-Full Moon meditations, but this will only be available to my newsletter subscribers. If you are not subscribed, you can subscribe via the form at the bottom of the home page.

Much love to you all and please do leave a comment to let me know what the last 15 years have shown you,

Bindi x